The other day I was working with my camera , completing an assignment for an online course I am taking in Travel Photography  This is in preparation for a cruise to Alaska we plan to take this summer.   The assignment required use of a macro lens – a lens for close in focus. The lens I was using also had wide-angle capacity .In other words it could both focus in closely, and clearly see the bigger picture as well..  This got me to thinking about how we can , like the lens, focus in on the smaller aspects of everyday life and still have an effect on the larger canvas of our lives.

For instance, living life one day at a time, taking one step after the other, can in the long run have great impact on our lives.  We can put aside worry about the future, and truly enjoy this moment, now.  We can focus on the important things — spending time with family, playing with the grandchildren, truly enjoying a good dinner, sweet treat, an evening sunset.   A playful approach to life, can reduce stress, ease depression and just make life worth living.

Taking medication properly, eating wisely, exercising regularly all add up, day by day, to positive changes that  can alter the landscape of our lives. Of course, as the saying goes, “Don’t sweat the small stuff”, so try to avoid getting mired in minutia to the point of losing forward momentum.  That’s the time to turn the focus back a little and move on.

There is so much to enjoy  in life, whether it be through the close in focus, or the wide open viewpoint.  A quiet morning snuggling in bed with your little one,is every bit as precious as winning the Pulitzer Prize.  Photographing a butterfly resting on a flower is no less wondrous than exploring the glaciers of Alaska.  It’s both the little and the large that combine to create the tapestry of our lives.

.                         Tapestry

  • we seek to know what it means
  • \we fill our lives with hopes and dreams
  • we mark times passing, day by day
  • and tell our stories along the way
  • we weave the tale, the warp and woof
  • and in the weaving reveal the truth
  • of who were are and what it means
  • it’s to fulfill the hopes and dreams
  •                                pc 1997

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