Plants, Prose, Photos and Poems

As I was digging happily in my little tree garden (flowers planted around the tree in our front yard,) I realized that I should have added plants to my list of coping tools, along with prose, photos and poems. There is nothing more healing than working in a garden on a lovely spring evening.  Photographing them and writing the poems they inspire can lift the spirit as well.

One can work out a lot of frustrations in digging  a nice big hole for a plant.  The act of placing it in the rich earth, filling in the hole and adding some fertilizer can induce a meditative state — a feeling of being at peace with the earth and building a connection with nature and all living things.

 Pruning the plants, keeping them full and green and removing spent blossoms is much like unloading the leftover bits and pieces of hurt feelings, arguments and disappointments many of us carry with us – these only serve to weigh us down  and keep us from feeling the lightness of a healthier state.  I know i would much prefer to look like a full, green and glossy plant, then a drooping, spindly one barely able to hold up its head. A healthy plant looks up at the sky, is nurtured by the sun and washed by the rain.  A healthy plant is a joy to look at and flowers are the stars of plantdom. I especially like pansies.  Their delicate faces light up in so many wondrous colors!

So take some time to dig in a garden, or even a large pot.  Plant some pansies. You’ll smile back when you catch them smiling at you.


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