Poetry, Photography and Fresh Perspectives

I recently discovered a wonderful website/blog called Every Day Poems(Tweetspeak Poetry).http://www.tweetspeakpoetry.com/blog/every-day-poems/ Their philosophy is that by reading a poem a day we become better writers.  And they provide a place for us to share our words with others on their on Facebook Pages http://www.facebook.com/tspoetry  http://www.facebook.com/everydaypoems

Every Day Poems is  a wonderful haven for aspiring poets.  A prompt is given each day, most often a photo, but sometimes a video or a quote, and from that prompt, we write a poem., placing it in the comment box.  It is amazing to read the different interpretations and responses this community of poets provide.  There is interaction, inspiration and support among the writers.  I turn on my computer each morning, eager to see what Every Day Poems  has chosen for the prompt of the day.  If you are a poet, or aspire to be one, and are looking for a supportive community, this is the place for you.

One recent prompt was “…on a poem walk”.  From that tidbit of inspiration I wrote:

  • take your grandchildren on a poem walk
  • and see the world through their eyes
  • as they skip in perfect rhythm
  • as they chant in perfect rhyme
  • the birds we hear are lyrical
  • as they sing their morning song
  • and we listen to the meter
  • as we travel all along
  • a small white rock yields inspiration
  • a bug begs close examination
  • their sheer delight in all they see
  • evokes in me a fresh perspective
  • and I am most grateful that
  • these masters of imagination
  • choose to share their gifts with me.

Fairy Lanterns

There’s no better way to stay in focus than to see the world through the eyes of a child.  Your camera can capture this change in perspective if you’re willing to work from their point of view.  Stop and shoot that pretty rock, clasped in that tiny palm . Admire that bug and use your skill with a macro lens to get a great exposure of  the tiny creature..  Be prepared to photograph fairy lanterns, spiderman webs or a collection of leaves and stems to brew a  special potion or a monster soup. Lay on your back in a grassy meadow and try to capture the cloud castles, the unicorns and the islands in the sky as they shift and change before your eyes. Then assemble an album  of Fresh Perspectives.  The children love a photo log of their expeditions, too.  The next time you use your camera, you’ll see things a bit differently.  And maybe you’ll be inspired to write a poem.  If you are, join us at Every Day Poems.!


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