Focus on Gratitude

Today is my 59th birthday and as I sit here wondering how this could be, I am nevertheless grateful to have made it this far.  I truly believe that time is a dimension of perception.  When we are young, time seems to move so slow.  Is Christmas ever going to get here? When will summer vacation start?  Can I wear lipstick next year?

I remember the  last day of school before summer vacation began,  That feeling of relief, freedom and anticipation.  Hot, sunny days stretching out before me, nothing to do but play and swim and read Nancy Drew books in my secret place, hidden from view so no one could interrupt Nancy, Bess, George and I as we solved The Mystery of the Hidden Staircase.

We were in such a hurry to grow up. And now we look back and wonder why.  I think The Plain White Ts summed it up quite nicely in their song,  Irrational Anthem –  “I remember wishing I was older, always something big around the corner, but as the years go by I’m growing younger, open eye and head still filled with wonder, wonder….”.  What we didn’t realize then was that somewhere in the process of growing up, we have a tendency to leave our sense of wonder behind. We must grow younger.

And we certainly did not anticipate time speeding up – but it has.  Where does the time go?, I hear people ask .  One minute it’s Sunday night and everyone is moaning about going to work the next day, and the next minute  it’s Friday… again. Or so it seems.

So I’m going to dedicate the next 59 years to growing younger and recapturing the wonder. I will use my toolbox of ps – prose, poetry and  photographs to document my journey. I will slow time down by keeping my focus on the here and now, and celebrate every moment. With gratitude. Starting now.  I know just where to start, with two little people with wonder to spare.  Happy Birthday to me!

With Gratitude…

For sweeping skies of crystal blue
And mighty mountains standing tall
For the new grown green of early spring
And the brightly colored leaves of fall
For butterflies and singing birds
Morning light and summer showers
Treasured books, filled with words
A special place to read for hours
For Christmas trees and twinkling lights
For gathering with those most dear
For silent snow that frosts the night
And dreams of peace to conquer fear
For delicate flowers and a star-spangled sky
For the marvel that is our universe
For the sense of wonder as we try
To unravel things mysterious
For the light and warmth of the golden sun
For ocean waves that rush to shore
For spending time just having fun
With my grandkids, whom I adore
For Bill, who loves and cares for me
For my family, how I love them so
For friends and good times most carefree
For all there is to learn and know
And all the things still left to do
I’m filled with heartfelt gratitude
– pc 2012


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