Focus on Nature: Baby Bird Rescue – A Photo Journal

We put the baby bird in a box to keep him safe.

Yesterday my daughter-in-law, Amanda, and my grandkids, Evelyn and Gavin, along with me and my trusty camera, had a chance to focus in on nature – baby nature.  We discovered a baby bird in the brush, chirping loudly for its mother. It was valiantly flapping its little wings, but could not get any lift.  We didn’t know if it had fallen from the nest or if mother pushed it out a little to soon.

Amanda, rescuer of any animal in distress, gently picked the baby bird up and put it in a box until we could figure out what to do for it.  The children were fascinated by the tiny creature.  I snapped a few pictures, and Amanda called him a “cheeky fellow” as at one point, he started to scold me for taking his picture.  He didn’t have much in the way of looks and his dinosaur ancestry was evident, especially when he opened his beak to scold me, but he was a baby and thus precious to the children..

We finally located his mother, as she was flying from branch to branch and

I guess I didn’t have permission to take a picture because I was given quite a scolding from Cheeky.

Cheeky glares at me through the camera lens

scolding us quite loudly..She was mostly white, with black or brown streaks. She sported  a red patch on her head.  I’m guessing she was a sparrow of some kind, but I couldn’t quite place her in the field guide.  If anyone out there recognizes the bird from my description, please leave a comment.

Cheeky must have recognized her call, as he grew quiet and cocked his head to one side as if listening intently. Then he responded and they had quite a conversation.

Cheeky listens to his mother

I imagine Mother Bird saying,  “ln trouble again, Cheeky?  What am I going to do with you?  I told you no flying solo until you finish flight school!”  and Cheeky replying, “Oh, mom! All the other fledglings are flying!  It’s just not fair!”  “Fair or not”, mother replies, “Those are the rules. When you get back  to the nest you’re grounded for a week!” “Maybe this box isn’t so bad after all,” mumbles Cheeky under his breath.

Amanda took the box over to a butterfly bush, which we hoped would shelter Cheeky from harm until the little bird could build up the strength to fly up to the nest. In case he had to spend the night, Evelyn gathered some nesting materials for him and placed them by the butterfly bush.

The children said goodbye to the little bird and as Amanda extended her hand, Cheeky hopped off, disappearing into the bush.We hoped that with mother on guard, Cheeky would have the time he needed to recover and be able to fly back home.  We didn’t envy the reception awaiting him back at the nest.  Mother Bird seemed quite worked up, but we knew she was only worried about her baby. We hope she knew we were only trying to help.

Lesson of the day to all photo bugs: ALWAYS bring your camera along.  You never know when those special moments will occur.



  1. Love your stories, Pat. Neat journal.

    Your advice to always have the camera handy is so true. Toto and I were walking last evening when I saw a funny sight: the largest (bigger than Toto) black and white cat was lying on the ground guarding his home right next to the burglar alarm sign.

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