In Focus for Travel Photography

Today I finished my Travel Photography Class.  I passed my final exam and received positive reviews of my portfolio from the Instructors and fellow classmates.

Here is my  portfolio: The first picture is of vintage photographs taken in side light, with a diffused flash and the camera on a tripod (practice for museum settings).  The next two were challenging as  low light,  mixed light and motion had to be considered in setting up the shot. The fourth one is an artistic shot taken at the new wing of the Museum of Natural Science in Raleigh. The next one, also taken at the museum, is from a City Tour Album we made and I named this one Raleigh: Eye on the World.  This globe is located outside the museum.   The sixth one is a Macro shot.  The vase is photographed life-size .  It was photographed with the camera steadied on a beanbag.  The seventh one is a  silhouette shot taken in low light  (practice in taking photos at aquariums.) and the final one is practice using the camera’s histogram to determine proper exposure

. We covered everything from photographing from a hot air balloon, to capturing lightning and fireworks. There was an entire lesson on cruises, as well as on the challenges of taking pictures in the cold, in the heat and humidity, in fog and at the beach.I  really enjoyed this class and look forward to taking more.  Hope I get some great shots in Alaska!


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