Focus on Saturday

I watch as the morning light 
vanquishes the darkness
followed by the sunrise
it beckons forth the nesting birds
inviting them to flight and song
and I am graced with the beauty of another day. 
                                          — pc 2012 

II appreciate all of the seven days that make up a week, but most of all I love Saturdays. (For those of you who must  work on Saturday, just substitute the day of the week you have off as you read this).  I know  for health reasons we are supposed to get up the same time everyday, but  there is no way we’re setting that alarm clock to go off at 5:30 AM on a Saturday morning!

How much better it is  to wake up and see sunlight streaming through the window, beckoning us forth to arise and start the day.   A day that can be anything we want it to be. A Freedom of Choice Day. That’s what makes Saturdays special.  The freedom to choose how to spend the day, no deadlines or time clocks, schedules or meetings.

One of my favorite things to do after I wake up on Saturdays, is just stay there in bed for a while and read!  Since reading is one of my favorite past times, browsing the bookstore is a  Saturday activity I really enjoy. Unfortunately, I do have to impose a time limit here, because otherwise, I’d still be there when the sun sets!  So my husband drags me out of the store, and I go home, get a glass of lemonade and head to the porch where a lounge chair awaits, and I check out my treasures.

Although I could  happily spend  the day this way, there are other things calling to me .  My camera sits lonesome, its empty viewfinder waiting for something interesting to fill it.  There is that scrapbook I’m working on, a painting I’ve started,  a poem to write, my garden to play in, a walk to take around the neighborhood with my husband, or perhaps a longer hike around a nearby lake, or the Hemlock Bluffs not far from our house. Now that walking is easier for me, I want to enjoy it while I can.

The great thing about Saturdays is that, although the activities you can do are many, you don’t have to do them if you don’t want to.  You can pick and choose as the spirit moves you.  Saturday is a great day to meet a friend for lunch, or indulge yourself with a manicure or even a massage.  The possibilities are endless.   Unfortunately, Saturdays are not.  A mere 24 hours, some of them spent sleeping, and before you know it, it’s gone – for six long days.

So I would like to make a proposal to Congress, to discard Wednesday,and call it Saturday A, followed by Saturday B in its regular spot in the line-up..  Wouldn’t it be great to have a Saturday in the middle of the week?  Of course, given the name  Saturday, it would carry the same privileges as Saturday B  — a  Freedom of Choice Day.  You can work if you want to.  Or you can chill out at home and barbecue some burgers for lunch. It would be nicely balanced with 2 workdays before, and 2 after.  And you’d have three days off if you so choose.  Remember, Saturdays are Freedom of Choice Days, so it’s up to you (and your boss).

However, if Wednesday holds a nostalgic place in your hearts (kind of like Pluto), we could follow the Beatles and have Eight Days A Week.  There would still be 3 days off, but you’d  have to work 5.  Most employers will opt for this one, I think.

We’d have to get the rest of the world behind this one or air travel would become more convoluted than it already is.  And we’d  have to redo our calendars. It’s a good thing the Mayan calendar runs out in December. That one would be a dog to reconfigure.  Unless they already have two Saturdays a week. They were very smart, you know..

But who would turn down two Saturdays a week? Should be an easy sell

Now, I know Congress can do this because they’ve already been messing around with time, making us change our clocks on arbitrary days,,  to move the daylight around for whatever reason.  I suspect it’s so they have time for a round of golf after a hard day of failing to pass any meaningful legislation, (but that’s another post for another time).

So let’s give Wednesday the boot! Or add an extra day to the week.  I’m up for either choice.  Write your congressmen!  Consult the Mayans.  Then grab a book and join me on the porch.  The lemonade is cold.  Bring some burgers.!


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