Focus on: A Room By Any Other Name

The other day, Every Day Poems challenged us to write a poem on the spot, right where we  were,  I looked around a the room I was in and wrote this poem:

My Room

My friend, Deb, calls it  a snuggery
 a special place to call my own                                                              

my art space and sunny window

a  place to read and to reflect
and to compose a daily poem

my writing space

Some would call it a studio
filled with paints and crafty stuff
my artwork hangs upon the wall
I fear there isn’t room enough
for all I like to have in here
there’s my “favorite books” selection
my Gone With the Wind collection
and my soft and comfy chair
which faces toward the rising sun
such a cheerful spot
I write on my computer
to the tunes of my i- Pod

others might choose to call it a den
it’s filled with shelves and books
indeed there’s something
squirreled away
in every little nook
no matter what you call it
any time of day throughout the year
if you want to find me
just look for me in here

pc 2012

Having a place of one’s own is soothing to the soul.  If you are lucky enough to have a room for this purpose,  it becomes a refuge, a sanctuary,  where you can close the door, shut out the world and just be.  I usually start the day with a cup of tea and spend a few minutes sitting in my comfy chair, read a few passages from a book of inspirational meditations or a few poems by a favorite poet.  It’s  a great way to center myself and start the day off on a firm footing.  And as my fellow parkies know, it gives the meds some time to kick in.

my comfy chair and craft shelf

Even if you have to get up before the sun rises, it’s worth it.  I love hearing the first morning songs of the birds as they awaken and greet the new day.  The birds have got the idea.  Start the day with a song in your heart and you’ve set up a positive mindset for the day.  We can take a lesson from the birds for they continue to sing throughout the day as if  they cannot contain their delight in life.

Next, I usually check in to see what’s happening at Every Day Poems, or get started on my next post for this blog.  I love to start the day with a little writing.  I keep a personal journal and that needs updating, too.

There’s just something soothing in being surrounded by familiar things – pictures of family, special collections, mementos of vacations – anything that induces a sense of calm when I see them.  My one vice is books.  As I’ve written before, I love them in all their forms – old and new, paperback, hardback, digital.  They are like friends, surrounding me, some waiting to offer advice, others knowledge and still others, escape from this world into another for a little while.  I have books on writing, gardening, ancient Egypt, photography, crafting, drawing and painting.  My own little library .

My special room serves as my art studio, where I paint ( not very well, but I keep trying); it serves as my craft studio where I make scrapbooks, jewelry and greeting cards.  It’s my spot for creative expression.

playing with light

This room also serves a my photography studio.  I often buy flowers and take pictures of them.  I like to play with light, and this room is ideal with its big window and sunny exposure.  The walls of this room display my paintings and photographs – my own little art gallery.

Later in the day, it’s nice to come home, kick off the shoes, and relax, especially on a cold, rainy day, or after a particularly tough one.  I like siting and listening to the falling rain, thankful to be warm and snug in my room.

If you don’t have a whole room to devote to this purpose, don’t despair. You can still carve out a special nook.  Take a corner of a room, add a small table and a comfy chair.  Baskets are great for holding your favorite books or magazines.  I found a small white shelf at Staples that can fit on a small table, and hold books, mementos, an i-Pod or radio.  Use your vertical space if floor space is limited.  There are beautiful boxes to be found at craft stores.  I like the ones that look like books.  They are attractive on a shelf, and can hold art supplies, papers, sewing supplies, etc.

Or how about a closet for your special place? No, I don’t mean sitting on the floor of a dark closet.  Simply remove the door and the clothes rod, place a small desk with a lamp and a shelf on it,  pull up a chair and you’re ready to go.

Start your day after spending a few minutes of reflection in your special space, whether it be a room or a corner in the laundry room and you”ll feel more prepared for the day ahead.  And what to call it?  Well, after some reflection in my comfy chair, I think my friend, Deb says it best..  Snuggery, a place to feel safe and secure, a place to relax, express yourself or just take a nap.  Snug as a bug in a rug.


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