Focus on Flowers, a Camera and Creativity

Every now and then my local supermarket puts their cut flowers on sale, and I jump at the chance to get models for my camera on the cheap.  For cut flowers make wonderful subjects for picture-taking purposes.  View the gallery below and see the fun and creative experience you can have for $2.99.

First of all, there is no denying that flowers are pretty, coming in a rainbow of colors and  a variety of form.  I believe flowers are the epitome of nature’s creativity.  With petals soft as velvet, the intricacy of their design is unparalleled.  Who can remain sad and blue when gazing at a perky yellow daisy or a regal red rose? The intricacy of their petals make them ideal subjects for macro photography as well.

As photography subjects, flowers are patient – they don’t wiggle, make faces at the camera, or cry as  I struggle to get a shot.  And they are portable, easily moved about the room, to catch the sun as it moves across the sky.

I also enjoy playing with the background of my flower photos.  No sophisticated software is required for these shots.  I simply put a sheet of solid or patterned paper from my scrapbook supplies behind the subject and interesting pictures result.

I use these photos for greeting cards.  If someone gives me flowers, I’ll take a picture of them and use it to make a thank you card. I also frame them and give them as gifts.  After all, everyone loves getting flowers.  And the pictures last a lot longer!

Here is my flower gallery: Most of the pictures were taken with a 4X macro lens attachment on a 35 – 80mm zoom lens.

Using a sheet of shamrock paper from my scrapbooking supplies behind the flowers gives the effect that they are growing outside

The yellow and blue pattern of this paper compliments the color of the daisies

Playing with light can produce the effect that the tulips are lit from within

Bright and bold and ready for the Fourth of July!

I enjoy playing with back-lighting which I can do mornings in my sunny room

I placed the flower in front of my closed blinds which let in just enough light to back-light the petals into a translucent appearance

These hydrangea was gift from a friend. Now I’ll have them forever

This background adds a pop culture feel to the photograph

The intricacy of nature – it’s all in the folds of this carnation

and it’s all about petals for this one


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