Focus On: Natural Treasure


Treasure all that life can offer –
Golden sunshine, gentle rain,
Birds that greet the break of morning
With a pure and sweet refrain.
Garden blooms of rainbow color,
Butterflies and drifts of snow,
Nights of frosty starlit beauty,
Warmed by light of candle glow.

Treasure all that life can offer –
Children’s smiles, lover’s touch,
Peace and joy and dreams and laughter,
We can never have enough…
Celebrate each new beginning,
With a song begin each day,
And your life will find its meaning,
And your soul will find its way.
pc  1998

Treasure is not only found in a chest buried beneath the sand on a pirate’s island, or in a store or at a rummage sale.  Sometimes treasure is hiding in plain sight, all around us.  We just forget to look for it,  I decided to take a walk and see what treasure I could find in my own backyard.

I found that treasure comes in all sizes and shapes, in a variety of color, line and form.  Some treasure has a sweet smell, some a prickly touch – and some you can eat.  Not to mention the sound of the birds as they settle down for the night.  A feast for the senses – a treasure for sure – and the best part of all, it’s free!  Enjoy this walk in my backyard.  What treasure can you find in yours?

the world’s smallest green pepper – treasure we can eat!

A perfect rose

“fairy bouquets” of Lantana

An empty nest – guess the baby birds have earned their wings!

the intricate veins of a Caladium                              


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