Focus on: Alaskan Sunrise and Sunset

Needless to say, Alaska is one of the most beautiful places on this planet.  From its glorious sunrises to its majestic mountains and  abundant wildlife, it  fills your senses with such delight and it is nearly impossible to capture the experience in mere words printed on paper.

The first morning I awoke at 4:30 AM and noticed a hint of light leaking in between the curtains.  I grabbed my camera and spent he next hour watching the light play over the water as the sun appeared on the horizon.  At first, the moon was still visible in a blue and purple painted sky.  Then as the sun rose, the colors changed to a rosy pink and  a vibrant orange. The light began to sparkle on the waters as the sun rose higher in the sky, bringing a glorious dawn to my first sunrise at sea.  The sun paved a path of gold across the water toward me, inviting me to join it in celebrating the beginning of a new day.  My camera did its best to capture the experience for me to share with you, but like the saying goes, you really had to be there to  truly appreciate how beautiful a sunrise at sea can be.  I hope these photos and poem can capture some of what I experienced for you.

as I watch my first sunrise at sea
a gentle peace descends on me
as it casts away the dark of night

the moon still visible in the sky

it fills the sky with soothing light
bands of orange, red and pink
give me pause and make me think
about what matters most to me
and this precious moment on the sea
it paints a path of gold my way
a special gift to start my day
an invitation from the sun
a brand new day has just begun!

the sun appears changing the light to rosy pink and orange

the colors deepen

a path of gold from the sun to me







On the flip side, sunset at this time of year is around ten o’clock.  The mountains darken and the clouds reflect the deep blues and purples of the sky.

purple dominates the sunset

rays of sunlight stream across the water

the sun sets bringing an end to the long Alaskan day


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