Focus on: Majestic Mountains


                    mountains                                                      when the pressures of life build to a peak                                                        some people find solace in shorelines and sea                                                        but it’s often the higher ground that I seek                                                         for it’s always been mountains for me

                                                       I stand on a ridge at the top of the world
                                                       from worry and care I am free
                                                       I sing in the sun with my spirit unfurled – 
                                                       it will always be mountains for me                                                      
                                                                                           pc 2003 

One of the things I looked most forward to on our cruise to Alaska was to see the mountains, snow-capped or not, It has been many years since I was among the mountains I love –The Rockies, the Grand Teton, the Sierra Nevada and I have had to reconcile myself to  the mountains here in the southeast.  The Blue Ridge mountains are pretty and I enjoy going out to visit them , but nothing tops those lofty heights of the younger mountains, thrusting their peaks high above the treeline, often still snuggled beneath their snowy blankets deep into summer.

And Alaska did not disappoint. We were excited to see the mountains from the ship as we explored the Inner Passage and a strip of land called Tracy Arm.  This was the most scenic part of the cruise for me and as I  wrote in my journal that evening, “I cannot begin to capture in words the breathtaking beauty that surrounded us today as we explored the Tracy Arm.  The vast panorama of the mountains as the ship slid by them through waters of a green I’ve never seen before was such a delight, my senses were overwhelmed by the vista before me.”

The mountains were snow-capped, with rivers of icy water flowing down their sides to form waterfalls which cascaded into the brilliant green waters of the ocean.  The sun came out (unusual, the crew later told us, as it is often cloudy there) and made the green sea sparkle as the light played across the surface of the water.We saw the South Sawyer glacier, which  I will write about tomorrow .  But for now, perhaps my  photographs have captured what my words cannot express. Enjoy.

the green waters stirred by the ship’s passage

water runs from top of a  mountain and forms a waterfall,which spills into the ocean

our first glimpse of the mountains








mountains capped in ice and snow
sing the waters as they flow
round jagged rock and stony walls
to form the frothy waterfalls
that spill into the ocean green
crystal waters so serene they sparkle in the bright sunlight
Alaska is a pure delight!
pc 2012



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