Focus on: Doby’s Adventures in Alaska

To wind up my musings on our recent cruise to Alaska, I will  record for posterity Doby’s Adventures in Alaska. My photography instructor suggested we take an object of some sort to provide continuity and  a splash of humor in our travel pictures.  I chose Doby because, first of all, he is a walrus and would fit in with the local wildlife  and he is also the avatar of a character my friend and I created for a parody of Moby Dick in high school,so it seemed like a good ft.

Doby was thrilled at being chosen, and was packed and ready to go long before we were.  All he packed was a hat and a blanket:

       Doby’s Alaska Hat 

Hurry up or we’ll miss the plane!

We finally got our act together and made it to the airport in plenty of time.  Doby chose a seat by the air sickness bag just in case.  Walruses do not usually travel by air. When the ride got a bit bumpy, Doby found a safe seat in my neck pillow.

Doby enjoyed the flight and the tiny pretzels and peanuts they handed out for a snack.  We saw some interesting cloud formations  as we .flew across the country to Seattle.

   The cloud formations look like cloud cities

We stayed at a really nice hotel in Seattle.  Doby liked the marble bathroom.  Can you spot him in this picture?     He’s pretty small.   

We were all very excited to get aboard the cruise ship. While we were waiting for our luggage to be delivered we explored the ship.   Doby caught some rays relaxing on a deck chair.

But possibly,the greatest surprise was waiting for Doby in the city of Sitka.  .  I was passing a store when I spied a walrus there, looking  a lot like Doby.  We went  to talk to  the walrus  in the window. It turned out he worked for the store, adding  the face of a walrus to authenticate their merchandise.I offered to leave him there for awhile , but he said he could keep in touch via Skype and e-mail . He’s a pretty savvy walrus..

Doby finds a cousin in a store in Sitka. Who knew his roots were in Alaska? Doby has lived with me for so long (since 1971) that we both forget exactly how we came to be together.

Doby made friends with the strange towel creatures that mysteriously appeared on our bed each evening along with  2 pieces of chocolate wrapped in gold foil
                        Doby also made friends with our cruise mates, Geoff and Denise

Finally, Doby gazes out the window of the Crow’s Nest, as we  depart Alaskan waters.  I have a feeling he’ll be back.  I have a feeling we’ll be back, too.


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