Focus On: Vacation Photo Fun

In my world, the vacation lives on long past my departure and return home by playing with my photos and creating interesting ways to display them.  A while back, I remember watching the Oprah show, and in it the guest advised getting your pictures out of drawers and dusty boxes in the attic and find ways to display them in your home. Alaska is a big state so I went Big with a collage of Alaskan proportions.  We hung this collage on the wall opposite the entrance to our bedroom, so  we see it every time we enter the room.

Another passion of mine is scrapbooking.  While on a trip I collect every scrap of paper, ticket stubs, brochures, maps, etc. to use in assembling my albums.  Now that scrapbooking has become more popular, you can find neat items for your books, including the binder itself at souvenir shops.

I found this great binder in an office supply shop when we stopped to get a camera battery.  Below are a few finished pages.

Unfortunately, my dining room table looks like this while I am creating my scrapbook.

I have recently enrolled in a class on using the Photoshop Elements 10, a software program I received from my husband for my birthday.  I have been learning so much in this online class, and have compiled  these sheets of photos for family and friends:  It is amazing the things you can do with these programs.


Putting several pictures on a larger sheet of photo paper makes it easier to display more pictures in less frames. I like grouping them into themes such as mountains, sunsets, exploring together, etc.

One final way I try to make use of my photographs is by using them in handmade birthday cards.  Here is one I just made for my brother who has a birthday in August

Stay tuned for more ideas on presenting photographs in unique and creative ways!


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