Focus On: Happy Anniversary

   My Gift

Of all the gifts that we have shared
Of all the ways you’ve shown you cared
There is one gift that I love best
A gift that outshines all the rest
A gift I’ve treasured from the start
A gift I carry in my heart
A gift  to last my whole life through
The precious gift of loving you

Today is our 36th wedding anniversary, and although we show the passage of years on the outside, inside I still feel like the girl I was when he married me.  Here’s  how we looked in 1976:

I find it amazing that I was  younger in that picture than my youngest son is now – he will be 30 on the 14th of this month!  When I look at my  grown sons and my grandchildren ages 6 and 4, I realize just how many years of my life have passed by.  And I ask myself – why didn’t i pay more attention?  How could so much time have passed since Steven took his first steps, and Kevin spoke his first full sentence, “By the power of Grayskull!”?

I have no regrets about how we spent our child-rearing years.  Bill provided for us and was an involved dad, coaching baseball and building pinewood derby cars, and I was a stay with the kids mom, volunteering at their schools and planning adventures and fun birthday parties.  But even so, the years rolled by too quickly. Would I go back and do it again? In a New York minute! Even if nothing changed, I’d do it again if for no other reason than to have more time with them. Time is fleeting.  One day you’re bringing your new baby home, and the next you’re holding your first grandchild in your arms.  And you wonder, where did the time go? .

I have so much to be thankful for.  Two fine sons we are very proud of, two adorable grandchildren , and a love and commitment to each other that has never wavered despite the challenges of parenthood, the loss of parents, my challenges with colon cancer and Parkinson’s disease.  Through it all, Bill has stood by me as we weathered these storms.  I am grateful for every day we have together.

And now we have begun to talk about retirement.  He has worked hard all these years and now it’s time for him to have time for him. So we will face changes again as we downsize our lives to  accommodate retirement. Change is as inevitable as the passage of time itself. I do hope I can stay mobile long enough to enjoy at least one more cruise


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