Focus On: Writing in All its Forms


dancing drops of sunlight
 splatter on the ground,
 leaves cast elfin shadows
 scattered all around,
 above the trees, the sky is blue
 nearby a brook runs clean,
 the air is slightly scented       
 with a trace of evergreen,
 the music of a robin
 floats gently on the breeze,
 a doe and fawn stand silent
 to hear the melodies,
 upon the ground, the flowers bloom
the earth holds everything,
as once more we are blessed
with the coming of the spring!  
                             –  pc 1971 

I have been enjoying this opportunity  to share my interests and ideas through this blog.  I have been interested in writing for as long as I can remember.  As a child, I kept diaries, and travel journals of the summer vacations I took with my family. This entry from a travel journal reflects my perceptions of the Rocky Mountains:

the Rockies…ridden with glaciers…washed with waterfalls…rugged peaks covered with snow…decorated with the lace of trickling water…rushing life…(1975)

When not actually writing,  I’d make up stories in my mind, often while walking home from the bus stop in the afternoon, or while riding along with my Aunt Blanche who would take us for a ride in the evenings  before she left for her midnight shift job at the DuPont Company.  Riding along in the car, gazing out the window at the trees slipping by, my mind would inevitably begin to churn tales.

I began writing poetry in my teen years. Nature, then and now, has always been one of my major inspirations for writing poetry.  The earliest poem I have a record of is the one presented above, entitled Spring!

Once I married and had my children, they, and my husband also became the inspiration for my poetry. I began to realize that deep emotion, whether negative or positive, would prompt my muse into sending me poems.  For that is how it feels when I write.  It’s as if an unconscious part of me has something to say to the world, and sends me a poem to express it.  I like this one I wrote about Kevin, my bundle of energy boy:

to Kevin

you race through the day in perpetual motion
approaching life with a zest and a drive
that leaves me quite breathless and often uncertain
as to whether or not I will ever survive
yet you’ve given me back all the joy and the wonder
of splashing in water and climbing  a tree
and in seeing the world through the eyes of my child
I’ve gotten in touch with the child in me;
so it’s off to the beach where we’ll build a sandcastle,
and watch as the waves come and wash it away
then it’s home and to bed, where  I’ll need lots of sleep
to keep up with you for another whole day!

Deep emotion engulfed the nation on 9/11.  I remember going out to the large deck we had  on our house at the time, sweeping the deck and thinking about the terrible events that had just occurred  This poem came to me while I was sweeping::

Freedom’s Light

The towers fell as evil rained
   destruction from the sky,

Our nation roused to anger 
  as we counted those who‘d died,
But the spirit of our people
  would not falter or dissolve
To eliminate this evil would
  become our firm resolve.
So we stand as one, united,
 as we turn to face the night
And dispel the evil shadows
 with the beam of freedom’s light
 We will not forget the fallen
 nor the families left to mourn
  We will heal the cratered cities
 and the symbols, once reborn,
Will illuminate the future with
 the message of our time:
 We stand fast against the darkness,
    let the bells of freedom chime!
                                              –  pc ‘01

So as one can see there is no limit to the words churning around in my mind.  And every now and then they coalesce into thoughts and sentences that convey my unique view of the world.

To that end I am launching a second blog,, which will focus on my fiction writing.  As I have said, I’ve always enjoyed writing, but for many years would not share it with anyone.  I had a teacher in high school who obviously did not know how to nurture and encourage emergent writers and her constant  negative feedback, while it did not stop me from writing, did cause me to doubt myself and my abilities and convince me my writing would never be good enough.

But following my marriage, I did share my writing with my supportive husband who encourage me to continue writing and share it with others.  I took a couple of creative writing classes with a very honest, yet supportive group of classmates, and as a result I have had several articles published in the small press arena.

The other day I was cleaning out some files when I came across several short stories, children’s books and a science fiction novel I had written over the years.  I decided to dust them off and put them in a second blog.  I believe they have merit and will be enjoyed by those who read them.  In doing so, I am silencing forever that inner critic placed in my head by a teacher whose abilities I have probably surpassed a long time ago.

Too many of us are hesitant to pursue our dreams as a result of a traumatic incidence in our youth.  We must work to rid ourselves of these hesitations, to heal what was injured and allow ourselves to enjoy pursuing whatever we want to do.  I say, if you believe in it, if you have poured your heart and soul into it and made it the best it can be,surely someone, somewhere will read it and be affected by it.  And that’s what  a true wordsmith craves — to see his/her words have an impact on someone else. So I am freeing my fiction from its dusty drawer and exposing it to the light of day and the eyes of the world. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I have had writing them.

So check out for my first entry, The Storyteller.  Chapter one begins with the line “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

This is my first step.


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