Staying in Focus: On Doctors, Time Travel and LIfe

I put instant coffee in a microwave oven and I almost went back in time. 
– Steven Wright

First of all, I would like to apologize for the link problem.  Don’t know what I did exactly but I lost the post somehow.   Hmm.. maybe it traveled back in time. My current interest in time travel comes from a few sources. It started with our watching the Dr. Who series on TV. Dr. Who is a time lord, traveling through time and helping out where he can.

And then there was my son, Kevin’s, birthday this past week, and he turned 30.  Seems impossible I could be the mother of someone who is 30, but the fact is I am also the mother of someone who is 34. Thirty years ago this week, Kevin and I were just getting to know each other.  What I wouldn’t give to have the chance to hold that little guy in my arms one more time.

Then I came across this quote by Steven Wright.  I love his insights – they are always spot on. And I got to thinking, would I go back in time via the instant coffee/microwave oven time machine (it is every bit as plausible as a blue police box spinning through time and space),if I had the chance.?   For a number of reasons, yes.  To see my boys as children again, before the trials and tribulations of life have challenged them; to be Parkinson’s free for a little while.  Oh, and not having those endless streams of doctor visits.  I remember  a time when  I saw my gynecologist once a year and the dentist twice, and that was it. Now  between anxiety, thyroid problems, high blood pressure, aging arteries , colon cancer and Parkinson’s Disease, I have a cast of many doctors, tests to schedule, scans to undertake, especially my all time favorite – the dreaded colonoscopy., little appointment cards to keep  track of all this, and so many prescriptions, I have devised a  chart I run off the computer, which lists all the medications, dosages, frequency and purpose, including alerts such as (I have this printed in red):

Don’t ever give me sulfa drugs (Septra) ever again!

In addition, I must wear a bracelet to inform emergency personnel that I take a Mao – B Inhibitor, and I carry in my wallet  a card that reads : I am not intoxicated. I have Parkinson’s Disease, just in case I’m found wandering erratically someday in the future.
Just sayin,  The past appears much more appealing.   But if you have to go to the doctor, it’s best to get good news , which is what I received today from my neurologist, who said I was doing  a good job keeping the beast under control, and following my visit to him, we visited the lab of the vampires, who drew blood, and my primary doctor said the old thyroid looked good. But with so many doctor visits on the horizon, escape to the past and  a healthier me might be just the respite I need.

On the other hand, if you watch any Dr. Who episodes, the past is populated with aliens who want to take over the earth, strange cracks that appear in time and on bedroom walls, which herald a time of silence, when there is nothing left at all.  That’s a little creepy so I think I ‘ll stay in the here and now, and deal with life and all the complications being alive entails.

I like this quote from Robert Frost: I can sum up in three words everything I have learned about life… it goes on.

It certainly does, and if we are lucky, we are here to go on with it as long as we can.  So I plan to make the best of it.  Maybe another cruise or two.  Time to spend with family and friends.  Places to go, like Alaska, which I never dreamed I’d see. Being in the present, with all its challenges, beats not being here at all.

But I’l keep a jar of instant coffee on the shelf, just in case.

Note: I’ve launched my new blog, Focus on Fiction, and today will be posting the final chapters of The Storyteller.  Stay tuned.


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