Staying in Focus: On September

September is flying by so fast, and it’s one of my favorite months, as fall officially begins on the Autumnal Equinox, which is September 22.  Today, I broke out the fall decorations and festooned my house in autumn color to celebrate this season of harvest.  Here are a few thoughts to explain the delight  I find in the month of September

September is:
a month of fresh starts...memories of new pencil cases and new lunch boxes, the smell of chalk, the polished sheen on my new black and white saddle shoes…and the blank pages of a composition book beckoning me to record endless possibilities with the precise point of a newly sharpened pencil…

a new season...we welcome the cooler temperatures and the return of crystal blue skies  as the pure, cold air of Canada swoops down and sends the humid air hanging over us back to the gulf where it belongs.  We look forward to buying cozy sweaters to wear on a crisp, fall night, perhaps to a football game.  We bask in the warmth of a September afternoon, marveling as the sun casts beams of golden light through the trees (I love the afternoon light this time of year).  We harvest apples, we brew apple cider  and make apple pies…

September is a month of changes …changes in weather and schedules, and seasons.  we plant pansies and mums to replace the flowers of summer; we pick apples instead of strawberries, and wait with expectation for the trees to change from their garb of summer green to their more flamboyant dress: the yellow,red and orange shades of fall.

September marks the end of the lazy, crazy days of summer.  A return to school means a return to schedules and homework and tests.  But we look forward to learning and growing, and changing.  As the days grow shorter and the nights grow longer, we gather together in our cozy homes, sharing soups and stews made from the harvest of vegetables, which started as tiny seeds when planted last spring. The harvest in September is the fulfillment of that promise made with each seed sown.  It is the gatekeeper of fall – my favorite season of all!

It wouldn’t be fall without a scarecrow or two.

These tiny birds perch on my sink,each with a gift of fall to offer: an apple, a pumpkin, a leaf and an acorn


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