Staying in Focus: The Golden Hour

Sunlight dapples through the leaves and with the camera set on aperture , they form a nice background to the in-focus leaves in front.

Back lit by the sun,the leaves glow with that golden touch

long shadows and grass in golden light paint my afteroon

One important concept I learned in my digital photography class is the golden hour – that hour just as the sun rises and then when it sets, the light takes on a golden cast and shadows stretch long  across the landscape.  This thought came to me while I was planting my fall flowers – mums and pansies,  I was  walking from the front to the back yard and as I came around the corner of the house I could see the shadow\y fingers of the arborvitae stretched out across the grass tinged with a touch of that golden light.  This light changes fast so you mustn’t dally. I grabbed my camera and snapped a few pictures of golden light:

the light, lower now, highlights the flowers in the backyard garden

Golden hour at sea off the coast of Alaska


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