Staying in Focus: Calm Amid Chaos

I had the CT scan on Monday. I’d like to know why, if they can make the contrast you have to drink for a CT scan palatable, can’t they do the same for the colonoscopy prep?  I challenge any enterprising student of medicine or research to come up with such a product. and you will be the hero of millions.  In fact, you may even save lives as more people might be willing to take the test if that prep didn’t send your taste buds running for the hills. Anyhow, I don’t have to have a colonoscopy until January, unless this CT scan shows something we’d rather not think about.  Either way, I assume the same old prep mix will be on the menu.  Along with chicken broth, popsicles, and God save me from jello So now it’s back to waiting.  Meanwhile…

I feel in the mood for a little humor, so I will share with you some creative exercises we did in poetry class this week.  They are basically putting together random words or phrases in a variety of ways from different source.

 calm within chaos

can one find calm within chaos?
I am open to the possibility
the situation is similar
to twisting out tension

perhaps it takes
a whack on the head
some begging and bribing
to get one to sit in a white plastic lawn chair
and gaze with sightless eyes
at the saintly bird-feeder

be consistent and compassionate
for failure is the name of  a song
imagine your thoughts 
are orphaned popsicle sticks
scattered like fractured bones
and let go

when the images
of a mustachioed mouse.
or balloon animal bookends
rise in your mind,  there is
calm within chaos
satisfaction guaranteed.

An Ascorbic Acid Wit

though your achievements may be
astronomical, what I associate most with you
is your ascorbic acid wit 
when accentuated, a wit capable of causing
pandemonium, which cannot be halted
the last time, it took hours to pacify
the students and  a phalanx of counselors

to  treat the amnesia you induced.
I would be deemed an idler if I failed
 to accost you, and get to the root of this matter. 
while you are free to glorify your behavior. I
 must be illiberal with my words and paint a
picture you will understand:
 Take  a pestle to that wit.
you are walking on glassine here, young man.
and  furthermore:
no more hokey pokeys in the corridors.
no more paintball in the gym.
Stop acting like  a hoodlum.
My advice: take up the accordion i

it’s all in the name

the names 
given to paints
are irresistible
to one who paints
with words,
just look at the
damage a thesaurus
can do:
hello, yellow
(salude, sunshine)

open sky
(yawning yonder)

sweet tangerine
(sentimental orange)

mystic wisdom
(preternatural perspicuity))

sweet 13
(pure in pink)

(a bucket of bark)

(aquanaut in aquamarine)

ready to paint?

 Hope you got a little chuckle out of those. I get lost in the words and imagery of poetry and it helps me to find calm within chaos. Hope it gave you something to smile about.


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