Staying in Focus: Good News, Endings and Beginnnings

Great  news today from my oncologist — nothing to worry about in regard to the nodules on my lungs that showed up on my recent cardiac scan.  Big sigh of relief.  I’ll see him again in 6 months to follow up on that.  More good news, I don’ t have to have another colonoscopy until December of next year.  I thought I had to have one in January.  One of the aspects of these rather  dubious “Golden Years” are the never ending series of doctor appointments and test we get to schedule.  I’ve just realized that is why we retire.  No time to work when you’re running to and from doctors all week.

I finished my poetry class . I was really sad to see this one end.  It was such a supportive and instructive class.  I met some wonderful poets in this class.  It was interesting to see how the prompts for the exercises were interpreted by each person, as each person had their own story to tell and so the styles were quite varied in tone and point of view. Its
amazing how quickly you  can form a relationship with other people, even if it’s one  destined to be brief. Our Instructor cleverly created a classroom atmosphere even though we were separated by time and distance.  But as always, where something ends, another something begins..

Now I am contemplating taking  a course in writing the story of my life.  I really enjoyed the prose poems in my poetry class and since I discovered my “niche” in poetry to be family/memories, I thought this would give me material for my poetry as well. The next class starts on Nov. 14th. There is certainly no end to the things you can learn.

Despite the cold, windy, rather dismal week we had for vacation last week, I was  still able to take some nice shots of an overcast autumn journey up the I 95 Corridor:

A Pennsylvania Farmhouse

Extreme Fall Color

Bridge in VIrginia

Close Up on Autumn Color

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