Staying in Focus: Have We found Our Missing Murray?

Please refer to my previous post “Where is Murray?” 11/11/12 before reading this one.

Now, I know I said I wasn’t a politically oriented person, but I had an interesting thought while watching the President at his news conference the other day. He was asked if there was a role Mitt Romney could play in this current crises and the President said he planned to speak with him and he said the skill set Mr. Romney exhibited in hosting the Olympics were skills that could be applied to our current needs.

And this is when I thought, could Mitt Romney be our missing Murray? Is it possible?Wouldn’t that be something! To see in action what these candidates claim over and over during their campaigns – party affiliation aside, we are running because we love this country and want what is best for all Americans.

Mr. Romney, you could make history here. You could show us you are a leader and a problem solver by working with the President on this fiscal problem, find out exactly where the wasteful spending is and turn the government into an efficient, well-oiled machine.  The President said he is willing to listen to options. I say, Mr. Romney, go for it. Put the election behind you and look ahead to see how you can serve your country now.

It would be a bold move, but if ever there was a time we need our leaders to work together for the common good, this is it.  This could be your moment.  You could be the catalyst we are looking for.

And what an example that would be to both parties in Congress. If the Republican’s  top guy can put differences on the back burner and reach across the aisle, sleeves rolled up and pastrami sandwiches ready to go, isn’t it possible the rest might follow.? And the Democrats, not wanting to be left out would join in,too? One for all and all for one?

The clock is ticking here, guys.  As it looks now, you’ll be working into the wee hours of New Year’s Eve, playing your game of chicken – who will blink first, or you could be really doing what we sent you there to do – making good policy for this nation, approving a budget we can all live with. and be the Congress that made a difference.

I said in my post a few days ago, that I wanted to be proud of my country again This might do the trick.  Being able to watch our elected representatives actually put differences aside and get this country back on track would be a major accomplishment. You can be sure when the next election rolls round, what transpires in the next few weeks will definitely be on all our minds. Who rallied when we needed it most? Did our leadership act in time, or did they fail to meet our expectations once again.?

As difficult and exhausting as it will be, won’t it be better to have a workable budget when all is said and done, rather than holding out empty hands filled with empty promises?

You,  Mr. Romney could help the President keep us from falling off that fiscal cliff.  You could help forge a new mindset in Washington. You could be our missing Murray.

Or not.

It’s up to you, I guess, to decide if you are an American first and foremost. I’d like to think you are.

Why not give it a try?


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