Staying in Focus: Spending Money, Washington Style

I was listening to the news this morning and the reporters were covering the preparations for the Inauguration.  Officially, the President has been inaugurated already as the constitution requires he take the oath of office by the 20th of January. But as this year the twentieth fell on a Sunday, the ceremonial aspects, in other words, the parties and balls, were held off until today.

Firts of all, I’d like to give my congratulations to the President. I am looking forward to his speech as he sets the tone for the next four years. But he could do that from the Rose Garden or the Oval Office

My question is, in light of the nation’s monetary problems, is it really necessary to spend 50 million dollars on parties and balls for a man who is already hard at work doing his job? I can see a first term president wanting to celebrate, but, just maybe, aren’t there other areas where this money could be better spent?

Now I realize that 50 million dollars is not a lot of money in Washington terms, but it could be a windfall to a struggling team of researchers on the verge of discovering a cure for, let’s say, Alzheimer’s disease. So many of my friends are dealing with parents suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. It is so hard for them to watch their parents slip away, day by day, and so frustrating and frightening for their parents.  As we are living longer, more and more of us are going to suffer from this disease in our later years. I know that I would rather have my wits (such as they are) about me for the rest of my life,than watch the President and his entourage party all day and dance the night away.

Other possible uses for 50 million dollars might include it  being given to the mental health community to help people before they shoot their guns into a crowd of people, or make  a visit to an elementary school. Perhaps it could be divided into scholarships for bright, young people who cannot afford to go to college.  One of them could one day be the best president (sorry, George)  that our nation has ever had.  Or perhaps it could be used to help our wounded and maimed soldiers adapt to their new reality after serving their country so bravely. Many of them will never dance again.

I’m sure each of us could come up with 50 million useful ways this money could be spent.  I realize that many people were hired to get this party ready, but that is a short term use for money that spent more wisely, could have so much more of an impact on so many more lives.

Good Morning America is reporting on all the A list celebrities who are flocking to the party. in Washington.  Just what they need, another party. Next up, they are going to talk to the First Lady’s dress designers. .

I’m just asking.


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