Staying in Focus: Valentine’s Day on A Diet

I hope everyone had wonderful Valentine’s  Day!.

Bill and I decided not to go out to eat for Valentine’s Day as we are still carrying around our calories from Christmas. But I decided that didn’t mean we couldn’t have a romantic dinner at home.. So I covered the kitchen table with a pretty green tablecloth, brought out the crystal and the candles, tuned my ipod to Enya and presto!

A romantic dinner for two!


The menu: 5 little baked mozzarella bites as an appetizer, a green salad, and diced chicken with spring vegetables. Bill’s employer provided dessert in a little plastic heart filled with m&m’s which we split,for a mere 115 calories.each. It wasn’t exactly a molten chocolate volcano cake or death by chocolate or a chocolate extravaganza, but it was a taste of chocolate, at least.

But then, to my dismay, when I went grocery shopping last night, now replacing the valentine candy was an entire aisle of Easter candy! Will the temptations never cease? There was also a whole case of Reese’s peanut butter eggs..  I had to move fast past those tricky eggs.  They have been known to hop into my cart without permission on many occasions.

But really, chocolate makers, can’t we have a few weeks break from one chocolate fest to the next?  If we could lose a few pounds in between these chocolate covered holidays, we’d be more likely to nibble a bit of chocolate now and then. I often wonder why I was born into a universe where everything that tastes good is bad for you, and brussels sprouts are good for you.   What kind of perverse universe is this, anyway?

They were selling flowers at quite a nice pace at the grocery store.  Lots of honeys received some lovely bouquets from their valentine’s yesterday..  My Valentine knows me well, however.  He bought me something that will last – this lovely gold necklace of two hearts intertwined. Very appropriate as we will be married 37 years in September and we’re about as intertwined as two hearts can get.012a

But I did see photographs hiding in those colorful blooms.This time of year I get antsy for something to photograph. We had that little ice storm a few weeks ago, but I need something with color.  So, to reward myself  for getting my mammogram this morning, I will stop in at the grocery store and see if some of those leftover flowers are discounted  today, and take them home and shoot some pictures.I will have to tiptoe past that chocolate aisle, though. Can’t risk waking up those eggs 🙂


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