Staying in Focus/Focus On: Midwinter Snow and the Promise of Spring


Well, what do you know,  it’s snowing. This, after yesterday when the temps reached the 6os. After my mammogram, I had my son drop me off at our neighborhood grocery store and sure enough, the cut flowers were marked down to half price. I bought a bouquet of pretty flowers  with some bold, fern-like fan leaves surrounding them, and  a red cyclamen because I love the intensity of the red flowers, and have yet to successfully keep one alive. I have succeeded with my orchid, however. Remember how blue it was? Now it has reverted to its original white and is sporting seven blooms. Here is how it looked when i bought it in 2011.

Orchid TransfomationIMG_6475

030And now in 2013

It was so sunny and pleasant I walked home over the stone bridge connecting our part of the subdivision with the small village of shops, and stores as well as the grocery store and the townhouses, where my younger son lives. It was a pleasant walk and a stark contrast from today.

But today is another story. The weather wizards aren’t sure what to tell us as the storm is forming over us and they aren’t sure what’s going to happen.  It’s starting to stick on the grassy surfaces but still more wet than icy.

So how about  a little color on this cold midwinter day, when it is even snowing in Raleigh, NC?  It’s a little colorfest for your eye, and  a promise that spring, with all the colors of returning life, is just around the corner.

046 I like the contrast between the lines created by the leaves and the softer form of the flowers.

IMG_0021 - Copy

008IMG_0047 - Copy002



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