Focus On: The Wonder of Young Poets — Pure Sunshine!

My grandchildren are the delight of my life, and as they grow, they enchant me more and more each day.  My granddaughter is six years old, and from the time she could talk, she has amazed us with her grasp of vocabulary. Take this weekend, for example. We were at the kitchen table and she was writing a letter to her great-grandmother who will have to undergo surgery soon, and when she was done she said she wanted to write a story. It was windy outside and my wind chimes were tinkling in the brisk breeze. Evelyn decided to  write about wind chimes but cleverly titled  it Winterchimes.She was  so delighted  with that one, she decided to write about the four seasons, and as she wrote, I found, to my amazement, that Evelyn is  a poet. These are her four poems, and I did not assist her at all with her writing (except for spelling):

The Four Seasons
By Evelyn


It is a winter’s day
A perfect one for fairies to play
I hear chimes in the air
as the wind blows my hair

The Sounds of Spring

Spring flowers bloom
under a rain washed sky
it is almost wonderful
to watch the clouds go by

Summer Fun

It is summer
and the day is barely done
so it is time
for summer fun!

Bottom of Autumn

The end of fall is here
but there is still a long time
till summer
and that is a bummer!

About the author:

Evelyn is in the first grade
and she likes reading and
writing poetry.


When I told her I wanted to make a copy of her poems to keep, she told her grandpa that she had never been so complimented, that someone would want to make a copy of her work! Well, not only did that “someone” make a copy of her work, but thanks to the power of the internet and WordPress, she is now a published writer as well as being my ray of sunshine.



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