Focus on: Heed the Siren’s Call

He who plants a garden, plants happiness
         –Chinese proverb

A garden is a friend you can visit anytime
— Author Unknown

It happens this time every year.  At first it sounds far off, like a siren’s song tickling your brain through heavy mists and stormy weather.  But as each day passes, it grows louder. With the blooming of the forsythia bushes, and the blossoming of the cherry trees, the urge grows stronger.  As the daffodils and crocus, the hyacinth and the tulips push their sleepy heads up from their winter rest deep in the earth, the song becomes a chorus and I can no longer resist the call to get my hands dirty and plant some flowers. A visit to the garden center is in order. and today, with temperatures in the 70s, is the perfect time.


I must rein myself in and focus on some colorful pansies as it isn’t until April 15th that we get the all clear  — that frost is not likely for the remainder of the growing season and it is safe to plant our more delicate friends. But those hardy little pansies with their happy little faces do not mind a cold dip in the weather now and again. They will hunker down when the cold wind blows, then raise their faces to the sun when it returns. Today they were whipped about by strong winds.  March, it seems, is loath to let the lion go this year, and become the lamb as it is supposed to.


My mosaic frog welcomes the pansies


my dusty miller grew into a small bush last year. I love the lacy design

So after lunch, I went to the garden center, bought some pansies and played in the dirt for a while.IMG_0093

It was a wonderful way to spend a Saturday afternoon. The neighbors emerged from their houses like butterflies from a cocoon.  As they days go by it will soon be time to put in the summer flowers, and watch expectantly to see which ones return for another show.  I hope the “naked ladies” come back again!  And if you should begin to hear that insistent song, be sure to heed it, check out what;s growing at your local garden center, and plant some happiness!


zen frog is back!


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