Focus On: Full Circle

we begin to draw the circle
the  moment we become friends
and despite time and distance
just like a perfect circle
true friendship never ends…

We bought our first home in a housing development called Sutton Park, in Poughkeepsie, NY, in 1977.  We moved into our home in July and Denise and Geoff move into theirs in October. It’s hard to remember exactly when an acquaintance becomes a friendship, but Denise and I hit it off, along with another neighbor, Shirley.  We shared similar interests
and enjoyed getting together for a cup of tea in the afternoon. Often the neighbors would gather in someone’s yard and we’d sit on lawn chairs and chat. Denise and Shirley became the two friends I could count on for help and support as I had my first child in July of 1978. Shirley already had three children and  Denise had  a son, Matthew, and her baby girl, Melissa, was born in February, a few months ahead of my son, Steven. Denise also had  a daughter, Amanda, after our friendship began.and I added Kevin to the mix in 1982. We celebrated many birthdays, holidays, joined exercise programs, learned sewing and crafting skills as members of the Home Bureau, and held garage sales. We thoroughly enjoyed those days before the children went to school, and we went to work.


Melissa and Steven

The good old days

IMG_0004 - Copy - Copy

Amanda and Steven


Denise &; Geoff

Denise &; Geoff

 But, as we made an annual trip at Christmas every year to visit Bill’s family in New Jersey, we would visit with Denise and Geoff as well. Of course, we kept in touch with letters and phone calls in between. Geoff made a visit to NC, and later brought the family with him.


The children grow with the passing holidays.

IMG_0001 IMG_0007

Bill and  I also returned  to the northeast for vacations in the Poconos, where we had spent our honeymoon. Denise and Geoff began to join us and  we have enjoyed several visits together there.  And this last July, we went on a cruise to Alaska with them, which was awesome.


In the Poconos together

I figured out that we had been nearby friends for all of 9 years, and long distance friends for 26 years! And now we are about to come full circle and be nearby friends again, as this past week they came to visit and bought a new house which will be built for them, and completed in August. Right now they will be only 19 minutes away, but we may very well retire to the same town they are in and be even closer. I hope the children follow their parents here. It would be nice to have them all together again. My son,Steve, lives in Raleigh and Kevin lives here in Cary.

Alaska, July 2012

Alaska, July 2012

One of my friends once made the comment that once you are a friend of Pat’s, you’re a friend forever. I truly do value my friends, especially as we all grow older. We need to get out and do things, have people around us we can confide in and count on .I am lucky to have so many good friends in my life. From high school, my best buds Kathi and Pat (who became my sister-in-law), Joanne and Janice. From college there is Pat C. From  Poughkeepsie, Denise and Shirley, and my friend, Debbi, who lived in Pouhkeepsie and moved to Cary a few months ahead of us, and from Cary  –  Lisa, Kathryn, Linda, Julie, Diane, Debbie and Karen. I’ve recently gotten in touch with Missy, who moved to Texas some years back and my most long distance friend is Maria Ana, who lives in Argentina. We have been pen pals (although now we are email pals) since we were in grade school.

Denise and I are both retired now, so we will have time for crafts, for walks in the sunshine, and for sitting back, with a cup of tea, and watching our grandchildren grow.

The circle, then, will be complete.


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