Our visit with our friends passed by way too quickly, but we had fun going to the design center and helping them pick out everything from appliances to door knobs. It won’t be long before they are back again, (for good this time).  In the meantime we will keep an eye on things for them, and send them pictures as their rough vacant lot is transformed into a lovely home and yard.  IMG_0256 - Copy - Copy

Yesterday,as I walked them out to their car at 6:30 AM, the birds were  singing a chorus of their song to morning, the sun was already on its way to brighten the sky, and the air was warm but pleasant.  What a beautiful day! I noticed our Bermuda grass was beginning to green up and shed that hay color it adopts during the winter months. The pansies are doing well, the mums are awakening from their long winter’s nap and the forsythia bushes in the back yard are quickly trading yellow for green as the blossoms fade and the new spring-green leaves unfold.   IMG_0270 - Copy - Copy

What I find most extraordinary is that most of this happens with very little effort on our part. Each season brings its wonders, just waiting for the right time to start the show.  I think we all have felt that spring was dragging its feet a bit this year, but who can doubt it has arrived now, with the cherry trees in bloom?

Here is my homage to spring:

when the cherry blossoms dance                              IMG_0262

spring seemed to drag its feet this year
reluctant to appear and so I took a walk
to see if I could find it
and I was quite delighted
to find a branch bedecked
with a mass of cherry blossoms                                  IMG_0261
etched against  a sky of  blue
a sudden, unexpected breeze
invited them to dance
and all along the branch
they dipped and swayed together,
to the tune of mother nature
that only  they could hear
I watched their show, enchanted
as the sun, a jewel of gold
cast its mellow rays upon the sprightly scene
my heart was filled with gratitude
and assured despite my doubt
that spring had finally come
with the blossoms , the blue sky
and the warming of the sun.
                                              –   pc 2013    


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