Focus on: Lunch Among the Flowers

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Yesterday was  a lovely day, all about art in its many forms, nature-made and manmade. My friend, Linda, picked me up about 11:00 and we drove to downtown Raleigh, to the Seaboard Cafe at the Logan Trading Company (Garden Center). We had a wonderful lunch, dining al fresco amid all the beautiful plants. After lunch we perused the plants like kids in a candy store. To see the range of color mother nature presents, with a little help from those who hybridize the plants, is simply breathtaking. If you live in the Raleigh area and want to see the cream of the crop and more variety than you will find at the big box stores, take a few hours on a sunny day this spring and head to Logan’s. Stop by the cafe for a delicious lunch – the chicken salad with apricot and almonds  on a  croissant was yummy! Here is just a sampling:of our favorites:


They had miles of Impatiens patiently waiting to brighten someone’s yard!


Rose Magic Osteospermum


Tiny Tim Euphorbia


we thought these petunias looked like butterflies

We didn’t know the name of this pretty flower, but it’s petals were as thin as fine parchment, translucent in the sun.

033        Of course I had to adopt  a few, so I took some sunshine, some color, some magic,, and , of course, who could resist Tiny Tim?! After viewing nature’s art,, we explored the Contemporary Art Museum.See tomorrow’s post!








tiny tim


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