Focus On: A Trip to the DMV and Found Treasure

On Monday, my friend, Debbi, picked me up around 10:00 AM, and we went to Java Jive for a cup of coffee and conversation. When we were done, we decided to go to an art exhibit Debbi had seen at the Page Walker Hotel. While we were driving , I mentioned I had so much to do in May, including getting  a new ID to replace my expiring license (as I no longer drive, I needed a valid ID ). Debbi suggested we do it now, as it is right by the Page Walker Hotel. Is she some kind of great friend or what, volunteering to take me to the DMV, where time slows for all people?

Anyway, here’s where a comedy of errors had us laughing, as we got trapped in a maze of detours and when we finally arrived at where the DMV was the last time we renewed our license we found out it had moved three years ago to Maynard Road. So we ventured back into the maze and as we were travelling we spied a store called “The Perfect Piece” which looked just like our kind of store. But we soldiered on to the DMV, and were pleasantly surprised to see that they had discovered efficiency, and had a person to greet us, give us a number, and  they actually had chairs for us to sit on as opposed to standing in line for hours hoping I had the correct items required by them for an ID,.They even had  a sign that showed the numbers of the people being served, so we had an idea how long it would take. Not bad, it turned out. We sat for about 20 minutes. I finished in about 5.

We then drove to the store we had reluctantly passed by to visit the DMV. What a lovely store, filled with treasures large and small. They display delightful accents for the home, vintage furniture, handmade jewelry and other items. I came upon a lovely little writing desk, washed in a turquoise finish and decided it would be perfect for my snuggery.

My new desk

My new desk

We we were able to  fit it in Debbi’s car, and so we headed to our original destination, the Page Walker Hotel, where we found that the art exhibit had moved on. But we enjoyed a stroll through the garden and the small museum they have there about our town’s history.

We managed to get the desk home, and into the house. Debbi left to finish her errands and I tackled the job of finding a spot for my new desk in my already packed room . But where there’s a will there’s a way.  The room needed some reorganizing anyway, and I am happy with the results.

Thanks, Deb, for a wonderful day!

my newly organized shelves

my newly organized shelves

my art desk and computer station

my art desk and computer station


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