Daily Prompt: Secrets:Letting the Cat out of the Bag

Daily Prompt:  Secrets. Never a good idea really. I avoid them like the plague.  But sometime secrets are foisted on you without your consent, and revealing them would only serve to hurt an innocent party. This has happened  to me and, no,  the truth has never come out , not yet anyway, and it will never come from me.

Secrets carry too much pressure that I might inadvertently let the cat out of the bag ( a strange idiom for a slip of the tongue).I looked up the origin of this idiom and the most likely explanation goes back to medieval times when a customer would purchase a small animal, perhaps a pig, and the merchant would place it in a sack for east portability. But often a sly merchant would replace the animal purchased with a cat as cats were readily available. Don’t let the cat out of the bag refers to the customer opening the bag before he gets home and catching the duplicitous merchant red-handed ( Boy, English is just full of idioms!)

To get back to secrets, if you are a secret keeper, you must be wary of spilling the beans, and therefore you must learn to keep mum, keep it under wraps, keep a poker face, keep it on the down low, and be prepared to take the secret to your grave. If you crack under pressure, and tell the secret, you dish the dirt, kiss and tell, and you may be labeled a snitch, a blabbermouth or a whistle blower.Just between you and me, secrets are trouble. Do what I do. Avoid them like the plague

(.Let that be our little secret.)


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