Staying in Focus: Family

I’m back!. Despite the challenges we faced, I enjoyed the time with my mom. The chemo hit her so hard they had to suspend treatment. Right now she is just trying to regain some strength, which is hard because she can’t eat due to the sores in her mouth  She has decided not to pursue any more chemo, and we support her decision. My sister will consult with the doctor today about how to proceed.

IMG_0521 - Copy - CopyIMG_0517 - Copy - CopyGary and RobinBut despite all this she soldiered on, and attended her granddaughter’s wedding shower on Saturday and a Mother’s Day brunch supplied by my sister. Mary and her husband , Chef John, who filled us up with handmade waffles, pancakes, fresh fruit, bacon, sausage, biscuits and gravy. I – Hop couldn’t have done a better job!

IMG_0519 - Copy (2)IMG_0527

IMG_0563 - Copy

SIMG_0559 - Copyo we pushed all the worries to the back of our minds and centered ourselves in the moment, with family conversation, laughter and smiles. Although rain was forecast earlier, the day dawned sunny and a bit less humid, and it was a spectacular day!

I dedicate this poem to my family. I  depend on their kindness and support, far more than they  know.:


there’s nothing like having a family
to share  laughter and tears
and a shoulder to cry on
through all the years of our lives,
there’s nothing like knowing there’s someone
who’ll listen and comfort
and wisely advise
when we’re lost and unsure
and need to explore our options,
there’s nothing like having a family
to stand right beside us,
protect us and guide us
to whom we can turn
in the darkest of night
to lead us back to the joy
and the light and the laughter. – pc 2013




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