Staying in Focus: Daily Prompt: Never Say Never

Daily Prompt: Never

If there is one thing I have learned in life, it is to never say never. Life has a way of surprising you at every turn.  You may judge others at one point in your life, believing that you would never do as they did, only to find yourself in the same situation years later, reacting in the same way and doing what you said you never would do. Usually statements beginning  with the words “I would never…” come from inexperience, the certainties of youth that life will temper as the years unfold. Many of these  certainties are uttered by those yet to become parents.   I will never let my child eat fast food, watch television before they are forty,  bribe them to get good grades.  My child will never get a tatoo,  wear clothes like that, use makeup before they are forty, get  D on a report card. Tread lightly when making such claims or in judging others from your place of perfection because you will soon learn that  nothing in life is certain. The best laid plans, the strongest philosophy, can be felled by a two-year old having a temper tantrum or an adolescent simply doing what adolescents do – challenge you at every turn. Your determination never to gain weight, never to interfere in your grown children’s lives, never to  become your mother, are all nevers I have seen fall by the wayside, discarded in a moment after years of certitude. I  have  seen acquaintances  and family members deal with things they never imagined, never saw coming, never expected to impact their lives. I’ve found that life has  a way of humbling us as we negotiate our way through it.  As the years pass, life erodes our sharp edges, softens our perspectives and opens our minds to possibilities never considered in our youth.  My humble advice is never say never…because you never know…


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