Staying in Focus: Daily Prompt: Ripped Into the Headlines/Home Invasion

Daily Prompt: Ripped Into the Headlines

Our Top Story: Home Invasion.

Earlier Sunday, the home of Bill and Pat Coyle was invaded by a gang of two little people. Upon arriving at the residence the little people boldly rang the doorbell. Pat recalls looking out the peep-hole, but not seeing anyone, opened the door. The two little people stormed into the house. The smaller one declared  that he was a zombie.. Armed with  shark and alligator shaped water shooters, the two ruffians demanded that  the Coyles  turn on the water sprinkler so they could cool off.IMG_0919 The Coyles had no choice but to comply.  Later the petite invaders demanded


they  play “the princess, the cat and the bad witch”,  assemble some puzzles, stack dominoes in rows and watch them fall, assemble an airplane and play Wheel of Fortune on the computer.


IMG_0916 Following a phone call made to an accomplice, whom the Coyles believe was code-named “dad”, the two forced the Coyles to outfit their car with little people safety seats and drive them to Cold Stone Creamery. After consuming the treat they directed the Coyles to purchase for them, a car drove up and whisked them away. The Coyles identified the car as a Honda Accord with a broken mirror on the passenger side. The Coyles opted not to press charges, realizing that they really had enjoyed the day. The next morning, “dad” called. “What did you do to them yesterday?” he inquired. “They were exhausted  and feel asleep at seven o’clock.” The Coyle’s offered to have their home invaded by the two little hooligans anytime “dad” needed a break, as long as he promised to  drive them away in the getaway car before the Coyles, both seniors, fell asleep standing up. The diminutive home invaders have reccruited the Coyles into their gang. Code names, “Grams ” and “Grandpa”.



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