Staying in Focus: The Green of Ireland


I can understand now, how Ireland became to be known as “The Emerald Isle“. The countryside is covered in various colors of green. In some places,  the green groundcover shines brilliantly in the afternoon sun. There’s nothing more appealing than the sparkle of freshly washed grass, or shrubs, following an afternoon shower. Sheep and cattle graze lazily in the warm sun. The following pictures were taken in the rolling hills of Killarney, Ireland.  We visited the Muckross House and took a tour through it. They have weavers there who weave beautiful hats and scarves. And anyone who knows me knows I can’t pass up a good hat. I decided, in honor of the green  of Ireland and Scotland, to buy my hat in a green tweed. (see above).

I invite you to take a ride  through the beautiful Irish countryside.

IMG_1230 IMG_1229 IMG_1223 IMG_1233 IMG_1184 - Copy IMG_1185 - Copy IMG_1186 - Copy IMG_1191 IMG_1288 IMG_1280 IMG_1255 IMG_1240

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