Staying in Focus: The Stones of Britain

1013132_10201235686306950_1581442518_nToday I will consider stone in my compilation of photographs. The British Isles are home  to all kinds of stones, from the cobblestones of the old roadways. to the stone left by glaciers, which were  used in building their fortresses and castle keeps, cathedrals and towers, not to mention theIMG_1876IMG_1852ir oldest stone monument, Stonehenge.  The difference when visiting the grand cities of Europe, from those on our continent is mostly a matter of time. The walls of some of the buildings here are ancient compared to ours. And these stone  walls are imbued with the rich  history and pageantry of these nations. Stone is strong, and weathers well the passage of time.   And they have a story to tell, of knights and ladies, kings and queens, battles  and romance, rebellion and invasion. So enjoy a walk among the stones that built a civilization. Perhaps they will speak to you as they did to me.

IMG_1662 IMG_1631 IMG_1727IMG_1047 - Copy IMG_1689IMG_1360IMG_1847IMG_1906 IMG_1759 IMG_1764IMG_1627IMG_1623 IMG_1882IMG_1870 IMG_2225IMG_2235IMG_2226IMG_1741IMG_1744IMG_1619 IMG_1218

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