Staying in Focus: Focus On: Art and Architecture

One of the most interesting things I found  in the cities we visited was the wide variety of art and architecture on display. Beautiful old buildings standing shoulder to shoulder with modern design, statuary on every corner, friezes and cupolas, weathered stone and contemporary buildings of glass. As we toured the cities by bus and on foot, there was something different to enjoy at every turn. Here is a small sample for your afternoon walk through the cities of Great Britain and Paris, France.


IMG_1407 IMG_2199 IMG_2033 IMG_2038IMG_1971IMG_1941IMG_2101 IMG_1334IMG_1414

IMG_1352IMG_2053IMG_2026IMG_1942IMG_2036 IMG_1979 IMG_1846IMG_1361 IMG_2051IMG_2046 IMG_1758 IMG_2066 IMG_2053 IMG_2051 IMG_2047 IMG_2046 IMG_2034 IMG_2029 IMG_2147IMG_2074 IMG_2078 IMG_2129

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