Staying in Focus: Daily Prompt a – z: A Big Clumsy Dog

Daily prompt; Write a poem or story in which each line begins with a letter of the aphabet a to z



A Big Clumsy Dog

”Aargh!”  I said

but where could she be

creating a ruckus

dousing paint on me?

“expect  she’s hiding

from  your angry tone

gals like my Sally

have always come home;

if you want to find her

just quiet down

keep  still as you can

lose the loud sound

making a fuss

never is the right way

old Sally’ll stay hiding

perhaps through the day;

quietly listen

remember, don’t shout

Say, “Sally, where are you?

time to come out!”

under the bed

vacant of sound

without whining apology

*xanthous hound

yawns and stretches

zips  by with a bound!




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