Staying in Focus: A Rainy Saturday Read

Daily Prompt: Three – Tenths:  Staying in Focus:   A Rainy Saturday Read

Scribble down the first ten words that come to mind. Pick three of them. There’s your post title. Now write!  My three words :Saturday, rainy, read

A  Rainy Saturday Read

What to do on a rainy weekend in August? Thanks to Mother Nature, the plants outside do not need watering.  The house could use some cleaning and the laundry needs to be done, but my inclination on such a day is to spend it lost in writing, creating a world of my own imagination,  or being  drawn into the world of someone else’s imagination – in other words, reading a book.

This weekend I just happen to have a new book to read, written by my nephew, Matt Seidel.  Matt has written and told stories since he could talk.  An interesting anecdote comes to mind here. When Matt was little, he didn’t talk much. It seemed like instead of being on output as most people are, Matt chose introspection, taking information in. His parents, though, were concerned and sent him to a speech therapist. I don’t know if it were the sessions he attended with the therapist, or the fact that Matt decided he had taken in enough and was ready now to share his words with the world, but once the floodgates opened, they never closed. Matt wrote stories, told stories, and made up stories on the spot throughout his childhood.  On one visit to our house, he retold the entire Star Wars saga using the army of action figures he had collected. Today, Matt teaches at a community college in Bloomington, Indiana. He is also a musician, video game designer, and now, published author.

This is Matt’s first published novel, entitled Saviors, and I used my rainy Saturday to finish reading the book.  It is one of those books that is hard to put down because the author deftly paces the chapters, revealing  just enough to keep you hungry for more. The story revolves around Tobias,  a  serial killer, who believes he is on a mission assigned him by God , to save the souls of individuals who lack morality (bullies, murderers, a man who beats women, for example) by torturing and killing them. Tobias meets a young woman named Emily, and as he is drawn into her world, he finds himself losing touch with his mission. But circumstances evolve in such a manner that Tobias must ultimately choose between the two. The novel ends with the reader contemplating the question, who are the saviors and who are the monsters? Matt offers interesting insights and raises questions concerning matters of morality, life and death, religious convictions, atheism, justice and ultimately, the condition and salvation of our very souls. I’m not one who can handle torture in any form, but Matt handles the serial killer scenes without resorting to lengthy, gratuitous sessions of violence. In fact, given the subject matter, I was expecting a dark novel of late night shadows and illicit deeds.  Although the book does deal with these dark matters, most of it is spent in the world Tobias is trying to protect and the people  around him who are moral and involved in helping others less fortunate with compassion and sincerity. Tobias is a multi-dimensional character, one I could not completely like or totally condemn.

This book will have readers thinking and book clubs talking long after the coffee and cake are served.  I can’t deny some prejudice in that the author is my nephew, but I know a good read when I read it, and Saviors more than fits the bill. The book will be available on Amazon soon. I’ll keep you posted.



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