Staying in Focus: Focus On: Favorite Shoes

Recently, one of the daily prompts was “My Favorite Shoes”.  Distracted by the flurry of visitors  we’ve had this past week, I didn’t get a chance to post this. But after helping friends to move in and shopping with family this week, I feel my favorite shoes deserve some recognition.

My favorite shoes are a pair of Keds sneakers. In fact, I am on my third pair of them. They are great for walking, never pinch my toes, and provide good support, all of which are needed by someone who loves to walk despite having Parkinson’s disease.

These sneakers have taken me for walks on the decks of two cruise ships, on a walking tour of London, along the Giant’s Causeway in Scotland, through the streets of Juneau, Sitka and Ketchikan, Alaska. They have walked in the footsteps of the Beatles, toured the Louvre, ambled along the streets of the beautiful city of Victoria, Canada, and stood on the same ground as Stonehenge has for 5000 years.

Together we climbed the steep hill to the entrance of Edinburgh Castle, Scotland, strolled on the cobblestone streets of St. Peter Port, Guernsey and completed a 5k walk “on deck for the cure” aboard the Caribbean Princess, while at sea.  IMG_2116

My Keds and I have walked up and down hundreds of steps this week helping friends move into their third floor apartment. We have shopped the malls of Raleigh with my buddies, Pat and Becky, during their annual visit. We have walked over bridges and under trees, across fields and along the road.  We have tip-toed over the dew-kissed grass of morning and left shoeprints in the shifting sands of the shore.

There is nothing like a well-worn, well used, favorite pair of shoes sitting on the closet floor, waiting to take me on the next adventure.  But most of all, my favorite shoes are those that bring me home.



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