Daily Prompt: My Favorite Toy: Staying in Focus: Dolls Rule!


Daily Prompt: Toy Story

What was your favorite plaything as a child? Do you see any connection between your life now, and your favorite childhood toy?

My favorite toy as a child was actually a group of toys – namely dolls. I loved to play with baby dolls, Barbie dolls, large and small dolls, dolls made of plastic and dolls made of porcelain.  I had many dolls but there are a few I remember most fondly:

Betsy Wetsey, a doll who drank from a bottle and wet her diaper. My sister and I each received one for Christmas, and our brother promptly drew measles on their faces with ballpoint pen!

Patty Playpal, a doll that was as big as I was at 3 years old

Lonnie – a baby doll I named Lonnie after my favorite Mouseketeer. I saved Green stamps to buy it and my mother sent my brother, then about 14, to the store to get it at the Green stamps redemption center in Gelman’s Department Store. He had to walk all the way home carrying a baby doll, and he never forgave me for it! Fair payback, I thought, for the measles incident.

My friend, Lucille would bring over these beautiful hand stitched baby clothes to dress our dolls in. We played under the back porch (this was our house) in the sand and spider webs. Looking back, I’m not so sure Lucille’s mother knew what she was doing with these beautiful clothes.

Barbie and Midge. My sister and I played with Barbie dolls for years. I loved their vinyl cases, complete with hangers and a pull out drawer for accessories. Sadly for Barbie and Ken, however, was the arrival of my brother’s GI Joe. In those days (before he was shrunk) Joe was the same size as Barbie. He had a more masculine physique than Ken, and that cool jeep to ride in. Ken didn’t have a chance. Barbie didn’t fair too well in the children department, however. Lacking little dolls to be her children, we used our troll dolls to fit the bill. At least they weren’t naked (as they were sold) because our mother made them little clothes. She couldn’t abide naked dolls. She would stitch long into the night sewing clothes for our Barbies. We would wake up in the morning and our Barbies would be sitting on our dresser wearing their new clothes.

Raggedy Ann. I have  a 3-1/2 foot Raggedy Ann bought by my crazy high school friends for my 17th birthday because I once mentioned I never had one as a child. I have her still. IMG_3451

I guess they had an impact on my life

because today I am a Doll collector. I have a 15” Scarlett O’Hara doll, which is the jewel of my collection. She has a trunk full of clothes, including her “red dress of shame” and her green velvet dress, made to lure Rhett into proposing.

I have collected dolls from all over the world: Italy, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Holland, Scotland, IMG_3386France, Alaska. I have Native American dolls, an Amish doll family, Daniel Boone, George and Martha Washington and a Royal Canadian Mountie named Dudley DoRight, now 53 years old and the first doll in my collection

As an adult I started a Madame Alexander collection. My newest is their version of an American Girl Doll. I bought her to play with my granddaughter. .. Yeah, right!

Anyway, dolls were my toy of choice. When not playing with them, I was reading. See next post.



  1. I bought American Girl dolls for each of my girls. Kati had Mollly, I think, and Rachel had Kirsten. Molly and Kirsten were like additional children — they both got new clothes and accessories every Christmas!

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