Staying in Focus: Focus on: Just Between You, I and Me

Linda and I are almost finished with the revising and editing of my book, Safely to Aurora. It has been a lot of fun for Linda and me.

I hope my beleaguered editor gets a chuckle out of the sentences above, for despite her sincere efforts, I continue to exasperate her with my misuse of the I/me rule.  There is no excuse, especially as the Harbrace College Handbook and a copy of Woe is I by Patricia O’Conner sit on my bookshelf in full view, as I write. My only plea is that I write from conversations in my mind and some of those characters are as bad at grammar as I am!  I even look for such gross misuse of grammar when I proof-read and still I miss them.  That is why, I have concluded. a writer is only as good as her editor is sharp.

I must add one more plea for forgiveness from my editor, as it seems the great bard himself once wrote, in a conversation between Antonio and  Bassanio, “All debts are clear’d between you and I, if I might but see you at my death.” (from The Merchant of Venice).  Now, in all fairness to the bard, perhaps the I/me rule had not been firmly established at that time. Or, mayhap, he, being the great bard, felt himself above such limitations. Can we claim poetic license? More than likely, I think, it was just a matter of his editor not being as sharp as mine.

It’s hard to find a good editor these days, as proper grammar and correct spelling are being corrupted by the cryptic language of the Internet, so shop carefully for one. Just remember, between you and I, you can’t have mine! lol

(So, Linda, are you ready to start on my next book, The Secret of the Dreamtime Spirits: An Arthur and Eleanor Mystery?


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