Staying in Focus: Daily Prompt: The Outsiders

Daily Prompt:

Tell us about the experience of being outside, looking in — however you’d like to interpret that.

Today was another topical prompt for me, and I’ll use it shamelessly as a teaser of things to come. I have just completed the editing (thanks to my editor in chief, Linda) and revising of my book. I plan to take a class in marketing and selling an eBook /POD this month, and hope to have the book ready to go by the end of the six-week class. It is a children’s book, targeted for the middle grade reader, but I think its message is one best heeded by us all.

Imagine a scenario where a cataclysm strikes the earth at some point in the future, and the remnants of humanity have taken sanctuary in caverns deep beneath the surface. Their civilization has thrived for many generations, powered by an array of massive machines, A boy named  Ke, determined to become a storyteller, learns of an “Outside” to his world. His imagination drives him to discover what this “Outside “might look like.  With his elder, friend, Tuck, a girl named Mira and a very special animal companion named Tip, Ke begins his quest, just as the massive machines powering his world begin to fail. His quest now becomes a matter of life and death  for his people…

Imagine if you could discover the world, all over again…

Stay tuned!

(Note: an early version of this book was presented on my Focus On: Fiction blog with the working title: The Storyteller.)



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