Staying in Focus: Sweet Sixteen: The Bracelet

Daily Post: Sweet Sixteen

Write a post inspired by your sixteenth birthday

On my sixteenth birthday, I received a silver charm bracelet from my parents. Dangling from the silver chain was one round charm with the words “Sweet Sixteen” embossed on it. I wrote this poem last year, for a poetry class I was taking at the time. It is now an entry in my scrapbook memoir.

the bracelet

reflecting the spring  sun

with a delightful sparkle

I move my arm gently

to hear the delicate tinkle

of a single charm


“sweet sixteen”

dangling alone from a

bracelet of silver links

empty but waiting, like me

to be filled with the moments

of my life;

reflecting the autumn sun in a

burst of brilliance,

so many memories dangle now

filling the links, elbowing for attention,                    IMG_2628

places I’ve been,

milestones, celebrations

an aspen leaf, a graduation cap, a heart

here and there, a  few scratches

mark the passage of time

but the sparkle remains

and the once delicate tinkle

is louder now,  confident

sounding more like wind chimes

singing their song in the

blowing wind,  singing

the moments of my life –

pc 2013

I will leave both my silver and gold charm bracelets to my granddaughter, Evelyn. I have identified each charm on the bracelets, and what it meant to me, so she’ll know a little more about me and the things that mattered most to me, the places I visited  and the hobbies I pursued. We continue to exist as long as someone remembers us and a charm bracelet is a great starting point to adding color to those memories.



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