Staying in Focus: Southern Snow

They started a few days ago,those prognosticators of weather. Uncertain as to the timing of the cold air and some rain, they were cautious in their forecasts. But yesterday those computer models began to agree that we would see some light snow. And so we did. So light in fact, that the front yard had no snow when I went out at 9;00 AM, but in the backyard we had a typical Southern snowfall. Not enough snow to make a snowman, but enough to nudge the imagination.

Southern Snow

In the north,  snowflakes fly fast


Entenmann’s crumb cake, anyone?

for weeks the mounds of snow can last

but in the south, our snow is light

falling like feathers in the night

it doesn’t last for very long

for soon the sun will sing its song

and so bring forth a brand new day

as it melts our Southern  snow away.


coconut frosting


a frosty bird house

IMG_2488 - Copy

flag of Nicaragua

pc 2014


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