Staying in Focus: A Matter of Reflection

As I was taking pictures of the gazing globe yesterday, I began thinking about the concept of reflection. It is a term that can apply both to throwing back an image, as in a mirror, or in meditation, as in self-reflection. Not all reflections are alike, however. There are circumstances that can affect the degree of perfection (dare I say) in the reflection.

This is clear, especially in photography. When conditions for a perfect reflection are in place, it is almost impossible to tell the reality from the reflection. It’s not easy to get the conditions perfect. Whereas a mirror is relatively stable, the surface of a lake is not. With the touch of the slightest breeze, the reflection changes.In these first two pictures the conditions are just about perfect.The reality and the reflection balance each other. We are more like the surface of the lake than the mirror.  The experiences and events in our lives change us much like the breeze changes the reflection in the water, causing  us to lose focus.IMG_5103

This is where the other meaning of reflection, that of meditation, comes in.When all is balanced in meditation,IMG_0004 we are calm and focused, not distracted or scattered.IMG_3962 That isn’t to say we should  give up on meditation because we are feeling distracted.IMG_9674 - Copy We will have days when our meditation sessions are less focused than others. It remains important to continue the meditation more than ever.Through meditation we  bring to the conscious mind problems or situations that need attending to, so that we  can adjust and   regain our focus. 

IMG_0003My favorite approach to self-reflection is to meditate on the shore of a lake and watch the change a sudden breeze will bring. The reflective image  on the water’s surface becomes blurry and scattered, but in time the breezes settle and balance returns. So, too, it is for us.We will meet many experiences as we grow into who we are, and these experiences change us,and like the breeze, send us off to learn and adjust. We change, we concentrate, we seek the balance. We grow calm and focused.It’s all just a matter of reflection.


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