Staying in Focus: On Old World Charm

With  St. Patrick’s Day coming up, I have thought about all the wonderful architecture we enjoyed viewing on our visit to the British Isles last summer.I found a great buy on frames at AC Moore and knew just what to put in them. They are gold and speak to me of an old world style, so I decided to fill them with my favorite old world buildings. History is embedded in the very character of these buildings. When you step into them, you feel as if you are stepping out of time., the whispers and echoes of voices past , people long gone, their lives lived and completed before ours began. Somehow, I doubt as many of our buildings will survive the ages as these have. But as with all things, time passes and styles change. In a future post, I’ll show you some contemporary “Old World”  buildings.


Muckross House, Kilarney, Ireland: A landowner’s home of the 1800s


Stained glass windows of St. Patrick”s Cathedral


St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin, Ireland


Provand’s Lordship, Glasgow, Scotland


St, Margaret’s Chapel, built in 1130, in Edinburgh Castle, Scotland


Stained glass window in St. Margaret’s Chapel


House in Queensferry, Scotland


Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

eiffel tower

The Eiffel Tower, Paris, France


Church of St. Peter Port, Guernsey, (Channel Islands)


Big Ben, London, England


My Display


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