Staying in Focus : March, Don’t Miss the Marvelous


Nature is poised to reawaken

as anticipation fills the air

and winter loosens its fist-like grip

and we dream of warmth and growing things

yet fickle and taunting

this month of March

it begins in fits and starts

harsh winds blow and snowflakes fly

but , slowly, comes the moment when

all shake loose from winter’s thrall

and with sincere gratitude

we welcome the return of light and life.

– pc 2010

March. What can we say about this month? It is the month of windy weather – great for flying kites. It is the month of shamrocks and St. Patrick Day celebrations. Sometimes it even plays host to Easter, but not this year. Its name is certainly proper – we are marching through the year, almost one-quarter of 2014 behind us already. We try marching toward spring, but this year it seems we take two steps backward for every one step forward. We go from shirtsleeve weather to wearing our warmest coat and back again. Today is a perfect example. The weather is playing a game with the thermometer, hovering around 33 degrees, but dipping now and then into the freeze zone. The result – it even tricked the forsythia this year. My Japanese cherry tree has tried three times to bloom this winter, and this is what happens:

IMG_2801IMG_2805.ajpgIMG_2811 - CopyIMG_2810 - CopyIMG_2814IMG_2817

I’m ready to wear my bright, colorful spring clothes, pull my spring and summer hats out of the closet and hang them on my hat tree. I bought a new one  (hat) in anticipation of spring. I did see a robin on the lawn the other day. That’s a good sign. Spring officially begins on March 20th and baseball season begins on March 31st. One way or another we will  find our way to April where showers bring flowers and rabbits deliver baskets filled with treats, and before we know it we’ll be looking forward to the cooler days of fall as summer sets in with its heat and humidity. I’m trying to live in the moment though, to be happy for the days I have, as dreary and cold as they may be. There is always something of the marvelous to be found – a blossom wearing a coat of ice, a robin hopping on the front lawn, mums and rose bushes beginning to bud, forsythia’s bright yellow blossoms adding a splash of sunshine color to an otherwise grey world . Hold to these gifts and the day will be a beautiful one. They all are.


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