Staying in Focus on Flowers , Lunch and Friendship

Can you think of anything more pleasant and stress relieving than having lunch with two gal pals on a sunny May afternoon, surrounded by plants like these? We had  a wonderful lunch, bowls of chilled gazpacho  filled with crisp vegetables, salad filled pita bread, fruit tossed in tasty yogurt. We talked of flowers and planting, writing books and summer plan . We celebrated new relationships, recovery from breast cancer, publishing  a book, thankful to be together, to have friends to share the triumphs and the heartaches, and to be out to lunch with each other on a day in May like this:

Sing a song of spring

in colors nature renders

dew-kissed by the morning mists

petals soft and tender…

my heart sings on days like this

sings a song of spring

IMG_3106 - Copy IMG_3100 - Copy (2) IMG_3102 - Copy - Copy (2) IMG_3104 - Copy IMG_3105 - CopyIMG_3099 IMG_3107 IMG_3111 IMG_3112 IMG_3113









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